Launching Thursday June 16th 2011 – Joseph's Restaurant, 3A Rookery Nook, Maraval – Transforming the lives of 100 women from Trinidad & Tobago

Is this for you?

Do you sometimes doubt yourself and your own ability to do what you know in your heart you SHOULD be doing?

Do you often feel Unseen, Unheard, and Unappreciated?


Everything written or discussed talks about your needing to be more confident in your abilities and needing to speak out more.  Imagine that in this day and age people are still talking about how to address your weakness as a woman, how to play the corporate game and what to do to break through the glass ceiling.

Except you’re not interested in any of these things – You are already confident in your abilities and speak loud enough to be heard (sometimes too loud! 🙂 )

You’re being forced to compete with men when all you really want is to be recognized.

You keep moving from job to job hoping that you will get what you want but that’s only led to constant disappointment and now you’re at breaking point…

What are you to do?

  1. Are you restless, feeling as if there’s something more and that you have not reached your full potential and accomplished what you were meant to do?
  2. Are you at the point where you look at your career and think “Been there done that. I don’t want to do that or go back to doing that” and know in your heart that you want to LEAVE your job yet you’re unable to come up with a concrete plan as to what you SHOULD do?
  3. Have you pursued and achieved big goals only to ask yourself if this is all that there is to life?
  4. Do you find yourself pursuing knowledge and education voraciously in search of the edge that would separate you from the pack hoping that someday you’ll finally get the recognition you deserve?
  5. Do you find it hard to take compliments, or downplay positive feedback from colleagues, customers, family or friends?
  6. Do you like power but uncomfortable with acknowledging it?

So what’s your NEXT step?

You are a high achieving woman and no one out there is addressing your unique challenges. Your manager may label you rebellious and competitive. You see yourself as passionate. In your mind, you weren’t hired to be efficient; you were hired to change the world. If your style becomes more of a problem than an asset, the difficulty doesn’t last for long. As soon as you feel you can no longer make a significant impact in your domain, you move to another department or company. Or, you decide you can more easily change the world being your own boss. You are often misunderstood and generally mismanaged.

That is until NOW! But Only 100 Women Will Qualify for This One-of-a-Kind ProgramApply NOW to find out if you will be one of those 100 women who who will join us for the kick off event – A World of Possibilities™ 16th June 2011.

This is a time to dispel the myth that all women do when they get together is fight. Surround yourself with a tribe of like-minded passionate and purpose driven women and discover how to reconfigure what you already have and turn it into what you want for a compelling future!