Launching Thursday June 16th 2011 – Joseph's Restaurant, 3A Rookery Nook, Maraval – Transforming the lives of 100 women from Trinidad & Tobago

Fast Facts

Where: Reception and Launch: Joseph’s restaurant 3A Rookery Nook, Maraval

Date: Thursday 16th June 2011

Time: 6:00pm-9:30pm

Join us if:

  • Making a difference is a central part of your life (be it in your own career or leadership, your team or organization, your family or community, or the world at large).
  • You have big ideas of what you’d love to achieve, but stuff keeps getting in the way.
  • You don’t want to let another year of not quite getting where you want to slip by
  • You understand the power of the female network, and love the idea of lots of like-minded, like-hearted women all being easily accessible to you in one place.
  • You want a shot of inspiration, innovative ideas, excitement and focus to propel you on your way to making more of a difference.

What you can expect for your investment of just $1095TTD for the year (just about $92TTD a month) if you enroll now!

Convert your big ideas into a clear, influential message of what it is you want to achieve and create a plan for how to get there

  • Learn skills to develop the courage to say what needs to be said, and to take daring action that makes a positive difference to your leadership, team, organization or world.
  • Identify your best, most authentic self and start leading change from there, without compromise.
  • Discover what impact you really have on others and learn how to create the impact you want.
  • Learn how to powerfully and authentically harness your unique passions and strengths to make an even more significant difference than you already do.
  • Liberate yourself from fear and obstacles so you feel compelled to step up in a way that’s exciting and inspiring.
  • Learn how to attract the right people and things into your life, as if by magic, so you can intentionally live out your vision of success.
  • Develop courage, resilience and persistence.
  • Connect with like-minded and like-hearted extraordinary ordinary women to ensure you have a strong support network in place as you fulfill your purpose
  • Amaze yourself and others with what’s possible, and feel incredibly alive and inspired to commit and go further than you ever believed.
  • Learn how to speak from the heart and have a positive, inspiring impact so others are compelled to join you.
  • Identify and appreciate your inspiring qualities and talents so that you are more confident and authentically more powerful and influential.
  • Learn how to enhance your influencing capability in a way that’s authentic to you and transformative to others.
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