Launching Thursday June 16th 2011 – Joseph's Restaurant, 3A Rookery Nook, Maraval – Transforming the lives of 100 women from Trinidad & Tobago

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A World of Possibilities™

Thursday 16th June 2011 is an exciting LIVE and year long experience designed to give you the new:

  • ideas
  • tools
  • and how-tos you need  – right now to propel your life to new heights.

Program launch and cocktail event: Thursday June 16th 2011

Location: Joseph’s Restaurant, 3A Rookery Nook, Maraval

Time: 6:00pm – 9:30pm

This event is for EVERY WOMAN who wants to make life changes – it is not just for high achievers, and it is not just for those who are already working for themselves.

Come meet other ordinary women who want to do extraordinary things.

The introductory priced seats @ $895TTD value for A World of Possibilities™  launching June 16th are no longer available.

I am now making a limited number of seats available at a *$1095TTD  special value until Friday June 10th 2011 before they finally go up to the late registration value of $1295TTD

*This value is for the entire year.

Put yourself at the top of the list for a change. You are worth it. Invest in yourself.

Take action to be considered for this life-changing program—

Fill out the form below to

Please include in the message section of the form below:

  • (1) a phone contact [preferably cell phone] and best time to call
  • (2) a little bit about you: if you’re working, if you’re in business for yourself  or if you’re at home
  • (3) What is the #1 reason you want to participate in the WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES™ program?

When you’ve completed the form click the submit button below.

Before you click the  submit button – make sure you have the 3 pieces of information in your message – THANK YOU!

To insure your spot I urge you to immediately complete this form.

I can’t guarantee any spaces as all spots will be awarded on a first-to-register, first-to-qualify basis.

And enjoy a year of:

Inspiration Learn to live intentionally in the core areas of your life, in order to be who you want to be. Socially. Physically. Financially. Spiritually.

Motivation Discover how you are uniquely wired and what makes you thrive. Uncover your passions. Develop your talents and gifts. Identify, and live from, your value and belief system. And dream your dreams, again.

Encouragement You are no longer alone. Your partnership with other members of this community gets you where you want to go. Your coach, acting as your biggest cheerleader, helps you move forward toward your dreams.

Empowerment Stop wondering what would happen if you really gave life your all. Stop going through the motions. Make a change. Start living a life of fulfillment and satisfaction. Live a life of significance. You can make a difference.

….Become the best version of yourself and learn to live the life you want!

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