Launching Thursday June 16th 2011 – Joseph's Restaurant, 3A Rookery Nook, Maraval – Transforming the lives of 100 women from Trinidad & Tobago

What you will get

Featured Benefits at a glance….

Admission to Launch Event includes a reception, presentations by Keynote Dr. Marcia Reynolds and Karen Walrond, a performance by Marcia Miranda and an opportunity to win several prizes donated by sponsors

One year’s access to The Possibility to Profitable Community™ member’s only web site

Participate in the Possibility to Profitable ‘Your Best Year Yet’ Coaching Program™ via webinar workshops where some of what you will learn includes but is not limited to:

  • The 5 factors that drive you to be a top performer but could hinder your personal development.
  • The important questions you should answer to free yourself from your mental blocks.
  • How to develop your “selves concept” to enrich your communications and relationships.
  • Case studies, exercises and coaching questions to help you enjoy your life as well as your accomplishments.
  • What’s really driving your thoughts and behaviour?
  • How to shift into an “optimal productive state” where you can tell your brain what to do.
  • Choose which commitments most empower you
  • Learn and practice a four-step process for being present and making new choices.
  • Determine the optimal emotional state for change and how to shift into this state at will.
  • Design a plan for convincing your brain to alter your wiring.
  • Enlist a community of support to help keep the momentum going. Identify who should and who should not be in that community.
  • Discover what drives your sense of purpose and passion, two essential elements of sustainable change. You will find your own personal drivers since these differ for everyone.

The coaching will inspire you to live life intentionally, so you can be who you want to be.

You will be empowered you with tools, resources and personal motivation to transform your life. And, live your dream. Remember, your season is coming!

You will be encouraged to form your own Possibility to Profitable Seed Circle™ (you and 9 other women supporting each other, advising and sharing challenges) so that you can expand your learning together in between webinars.

Monthly Q & A with Giselle and other Guest Experts To help reinforce your new, on-going learning, you’ll participate in monthly sessions, 12 in all, via webinar with Giselle and hand-picked guest experts. These sessions are designed specifically for you in this unique year-long program.

Access to an archive of materials Giselle has honestly spent hundreds of thousands of dollars producing and collecting information in the form of books, e-books, CDS and mp3s and this information will be available to you. While you can’t use her name or trademarks, you can refer to this large archive of samples for inspiration and support when researching how best to design your own life. You will also get the following e-books – Harness the Power to Lead Yourself™ – A collection of articles from the Express Woman’s Women in Leadership Series plus The Possibility to Profitable 7 Steps to Authenticity™These 7 steps will help you on your journey to authenticity and discovering what you love.


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